Joss Stone Murder Attempt, Mandela Ex-Aide Cleared in Naomi Campbell Diamond Case, Pakistan Says US Held Citizens After bin Laden Raid, Helena Bonham Carter for Marc Jacobs, Plaxico Burress Free, Natalie Portman Birthes Boy

Someone tried to kill Joss Stone? No, really. I mean, I hate culture appropriation too but … [MTV]

Remember the court case about Naomi Campbell receiving blood diamonds as a gift in the middle of the night, delivered to her door by strangers? Well, the guy who supposedly knocked on the door to deliver them has been cleared of all charges. [BBC]

Pakistan says the US held bunches of their citizens after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. [BusinessWeek]

Helena Bonham Carter for Marc Jacobs. [Fashionista]

Remember the NY football player that shot himself in the leg, then went to jail for what seemed like forever for gun possession, Plaxico Burress? Well, he’s out of jail. [TerezOwens]

Natalie Portman finally had her baby with Benjamin Millepied, it’s a boy. Congrats! [AOL]


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