Kate Middleton Looks Lovely, 10 Cold Dinners to Order, Drake’s LP Date, Brit Droughts, Kanye West’s Secret Show, Sugar Ray Leonard Molested

Kate Middleton and Prince William go out and shine together. [NYMag]

10 cold dinners you can order from SeamlessWeb. *high-five!* [Awl]

Drake‘s sophomore LP Take Care, possibly touting that new emo single “Marvin’s Room” — about which I can’t stop thinking of What’s Eating Glibert Grape? — is coming October 24. I might talk a lot of smack about Drake’s sensitivities, but dammit if I don’t still have Thank Me Later on my iPod. *shrugs* [MTV]

Bits of East Anglia in England are experiencing a drought. [BBC]

Kanye West’s secret show in NYC went well last night, and apparently Kid Cudi’s pants were crazy tight. Good times!

Sugar Ray Leonard shares that he was molested by his coach in his new book. [TSS]

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