Lindsay Lohan Fails Drug Test, Hulu For Sale?, Global Fashion Week, U2 In-Fighting, Whitey Bulger Caught, Lil Wayne Covers XXL

I know I shouldn’t but I’m still pulling for Lindsay Lohan. FREE LILO! Mean Girls was a great movie … Linds failed her drug/ alcohol test … while she was on house arrest. Ugh. [Jeze]

Hulu might be for sale, say goodbye to your free “Modern Family” lunchbreak now. [HollywoodReporter]

International fashion week schedules! [Fashionista]

U2 are beefing about their Glastonbury festival. Exactly. Who knows. [AOL]

Yeah, so it’s no secret that Boston is my favorite crime city. The DepartedThe Town and Gone Baby Gone. FOH, I love Boston. Obviously, I’m black so I probably won’t want to hang out there for a long time, but it’s fun to watch on TV! Anyway, copes caught mafia head Whitey Bulger, of Bean Town. [NYT]

Lil Wayne covers XXL and looks a Vans advert fool. [UHTN]

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