Medicinal Marijuana in NJ?, Greece’s Financial Crisis, Faux Lesbian Damascus Blogger – Decoded, Black Brit Wins Racial Discrimination Case, Nigerian Police Station Bombed

Medicial marijuana … in New Jersey? *fistpump* NJ Governor Chris Christie’s a hater. [CBS]

Greece is still teetering on the edge of financial crisis. [WashPo]

Remember that missing lesbian blogger in Damascus who was discovered to really be a pale Brit male? Exactly. Akiba Solomon weighs in, we applaud. [Colorlines]

A black British boy has won a case against his school who banned his braids for being “gang-related.” [Guardian]

Islamist group Boko Haram have reportedly bombed a police station in Abuja, Nigeria, killing 6 people. [BBC]

This Pasione nail polish is kinda awesome. [NYMag]

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