Michelle Obama in Soweto, Versace in H&M, John Galliano Trial Begins in Paris, Sade in New York, Grits!

U.S. First Lady Mrs. Obama in Soweto. [BBC]

Versace … in H&M?!?! [Racked]

Designer John Galliano race trial is about to start, remember his drunken ramblings against Jewish folks last year? Yikes. He’s buying brought up on”allegations of anti-Semitism and racial abuse.” Can you imagine how many people would be arrested if Americans could be arrested for something like this? All of Fox News and every black comic would just be in jail! [BBC]

Sade was apparently amazing during her New York tour stop last night. #jealous [MTV]

Whoa … at this grits recipe. Brunch on a lazy Sunday, ladies? [BigGirlsSmallKitchen]

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