Rep. Anthony Weiner Resigns, Asked About ‘Inches’

Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned from the U.S. Congress this afternoon, and it didn’t go well. During his press conference, which opened with two lovely black female news reporters on MSNBC *claps*, Weiner spoke to his blue collar roots and his mother’s job as a teacher when hecklers begin to scream in the background.

“Are you more than seven inches?”

Yeah, you read that correctly. Someone actually shouted those words at Weiner during his worst moment. Just makes me cringe and realize that I don’t care about his leaked penis pictures. Outside of Weiner needing a better ho wrangler and/or a good schedule of marriage counseling to keep it in his pants, what’s he really done wrong as a congressman? Nothing.

But Michle Bachmann wants to be the President of the United States? *drops microphone*

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