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Sika Designs: When Ghana Meets the U.K.

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet Phyllis Taylor, designer and owner of Sika Designs, an amazing line of apparel, accessories and home decor inspired by the spirit of Ghana, West Africa. Taylor is cool, stylish and completely on point. A young entrepreneur with an eye for fashion and a clear sense of what she wants (just my type of chick), I naturally checked her website after we met and was blown away.  Each item is produced by a team of local tailors and seamstresses using traditional fabrics such as tie dye, batik’s and wax prints.  Her items range from pencil skirts to shoulder dresses, ideal for the office or a night out.  She also has a line of  handbags and accessories as well as her Little Miss Sika line for girls that’s worth checking out as well.

For those in London, you can find Sika Designs in Greenwich Market, but for everyone else, visit the Sika Online Boutique at http://boutique.sikadesigns.co.uk/products .  You can also read more about her line at Sikadesigns.co.uk. Trust, you’ll thank me later.

Here are a few flavors to wet your palate for now. Enjoy!

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