‘True Blood’ Recap: To Earl, With Love Adele

It’s finally happened! We’ve watched the first season four episode of “True Blood” and a lot happened. From Lafayette’s mohawk to Lafayette’s vest to Lafayette’s love of the word “mu’fucka,” let’s get into “She’s Not There” ladies!

To Earl, with love Adele

A few things … Claudine is part of the evil fairy gang led by Mab? C wasn’t evil in the books and it looks like her brother is Lloyd is part of the good side? He’s the fairy that told Sookie to jump into the void before Mab closed it, right? Also, Grandaddy (aka Bill Lumberg from Office Space) dies in the first episode, fairies disappear when they die and two hours of fairy time equals one year and change in human time. Noted.

If I own the house, then I own you … You are mine

Bill was accused of killing Sookie during her disappearance, but he doesn’t seem that glad to see her, something Sookie notices. I smell Portia Bellefleur on the prowl. Portia’s not as homely as Charlaine Harris describes her in the book. Eric tells Sookie, “Everyone who claims to love you, they all gave up on you. I never did.” So he buys her house, meaning he can come in whenever he wants. #problem Especially if Jason is locked in a broken freezer in Hot Shot.

Lafayette’s Mohawk

Jesus is trying to bring Lafayette and his mohawk into a witch coven with Harry Potter’s Aunt! iCant. But she really did look like the dead vampire Eddie. Good acting! It looks like Lafayette has the power to bring back the dead swirling around inside of him and Harry Potter’s Aunt knows it. She just wanted to test it all out with her bird Minerva … And why’s Bill spying on the witches with the bespectacled lady?

ps. Two snaps for LaLa’s cropped backless vest on the way into the Moon Goddess Emporeum and the purple eyeshadow later in the kitchen.

It’s my victory cigarette

Tara’s a lesbian, and her girlfriend is cute. Too bad Tara’s new name is Toni and her lipstick sidekick has no idea who Tara really is. Meanwhile, Arlene’s spawn with Rene, baby Mikey, is ripping the heads off of barbie dolls. Elsewhere in the Merlot workforce, Tommy was shot in the leg by Sam who’s in an anger management class with a group of shape-shifters, one who happens to be Papi from “The L Word,” now called Luna. Where’s their relationship going to go?

It’s a post Russell Edgington world, people

Jessica and Hoyt are going to fall apart, so their novella can continue. How’d Eric get out of the concrete bed if Russell Edgington couldn’t? When Pam told Jessica “We’ve been worried sick about you … not really,” I cracked up. Eric’s minion is still one of my favorites.

ps. Why do people always say Sante Fe when someone’s fake traveling?

pps. Andy Bellefleur, a V head? Yeah, I don’t care …

ppps. The flashbacks from Harry Potter’s aunt? Jessica cheats on Hoyt, obviously.

Your turn! Thoughts from the ladies (and gents) who love us?

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