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US Rep. Anthony Weiner Cries, Admits More Sexting Relationships

Honestly, I haven’t really been keeping up with U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner‘s, erm, Weiner-gate because I’m in Northern California. People are more worried about soaring gas prices and why it’s 50 degrees in June, but after checking out Weiner’s press conference on the blog of my beloved NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan, I mean … really? Why is he crying over leaked peen? My guess is he’s wildy embarrassed that he’s been exposed as a cheat (he’s married) in front of the entire Internet with not only a chest shot but one of his semi-erect johnson. But this whole situation hits on one of my biggest peeves, when politicians, or anyone famous for that matter, think they can send nude (or nearly nude) photos of themselves anywhere without the world seeing it, eventually. Stop, someone will always “find” the images so why even risk it?

Like non-black folks that want to say “nigger,” as Chris Rock said “You can’t have everything!”

This whole thing reminds me of Tiger claiming he wanted privacy during and after his escort scandal. But wait, you want to sell me everything under the sun using advertising themed around your late father but when you mess up, now you want privacy? And that Nike commercial starring his Dad was great! But seriously, Tiger and everyone else who uses their personalities and pieces of their lives to make money, once you cross that line you don’t get that luxury of public privacy anymore. But if you’re sincerely dedicated to keeping yourself under cover, these folks can take a page from Beyoncé’s book. When the Texas native locks it down, it’s like breaking into Fort Knox to get any information. Remember how she’s married and now, remember how we still haven’t seen her wedding photos? Right. People in the public eye, get it together.

*steps down from soap box*

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