Casey Anthony Jurur Says Verdict’s Right, Meet Marta Vieira da Silva, Strauss-Kahn Gets New Rape Complaint, China’s Rising Interest Rates, Salt is Good?, Balenciaga Goes to Harlem

If jurors did make the “right decision” in the Casey Anthony trial, just who then killed the two-year-old Caylee? [MSNBC]

Word says footballer Marta Vieira da Silva is Pele with lady parts.  [Jezebel]

Former IMF President Dominique Strauss-Kahn may’ve been had his attempted rape case dismissed in the US, but a journalist in France just filed another rape complaint against him in France. [WSJ]

China’s raised their interest rates for the third time this year to stave off inflation. [Reuters]

Wait, eating less salt might not lower my risk of heart disease? *reaches for … anything and everything salty* [ABC]

Balenciaga’s Fall 2011 campaign goes to Harlem, in a good way. [Fashionista]


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