Gwen Stefani for Target, More NewsCorp Woes, Ice Cream Alternatives, Charlie Sheen & More

Target and Gwen Stefani for kids? We support that…now we just need to have some babies. [Rolling Stone]

Diana Nyad takes the phrase “swimming with sharks” literally since at age 61, she is going to attempt to swim for 60 hours from Cuba to Florida…in shark infested water…without a cage. Ok girl! [NYT]

Just in case you were wondering, POTUS Barack Obama and the rest of the US’s key government players still have not come to any agreements in the national debt talks. [CNN]

The NewsCorp hacking scandals are getting more interesting as the US is being pressured to also undertake legal action against Murdoch & co. [Guardian] Also, today Murdoch is facing British Parliament for questioning/public shaming. [CNN]

Because not all of us are down with cows milk, and its hot.as.fuck. everywhere is seems…here are some cool ice cream alternatives to chill you out. [CoolHunting]

By this time, if you aren’t at least familiar with Charlie Sheen’s 2011 trainwreck “#winning spree” then you really must live on a remote island. And now it seems a comedy sitcom is in the works. [HollywoodReporter]

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