Kate Moss in Wedding Gowns, Beyoncé’s ‘Year Of 4’ Doc, UK Strike Results, ‘Winnie The Opera’ Opens, 90 Years of Communism in China, Polite Periods

A bride-to-be herself, here’s a collection of Kate Moss’ history modeling wedding gowns. [Fashionista]

Watch Beyoncé’s MTV “Year Of 4” documentary, yes I’m supporting the Bey barrage. I blame my uncanny fandom over “Countdown” and the “Oh, I hope you still like me … Fuck you, pay me” line in “Run The World.” #k’shrug [MissInfo]

UK public sector workers went on strike yesterday, so how’d it all work out? [BBC]

“Winnie The Opera” telling the story of freedom fighter Winnie Mandela has opened in Pretoria, South Africa. [AfricaStyleDaily]

Communist Party of China celebrates 90 years. [BBC]

How to menstruate … politely? [Jezebel]

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