Mary J. Blige Calls Jill Scott ‘Special in Her Own Way’

Mary J. Blige might’ve ascended on to the ESSENCE Music Festival stage Sunday carrying the hearts of black women, but it is someone else that impresses her.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul chatted with Parlour and shared exactly who she wanted to see perform during the annual concert weekend in New Orleans — Ms. Jill Scott.

“She’s been consistently special in her own way,” Mary said of the Philadelphia native at a McDonald’s 365 Black press table. “She just moves me. She’s a very special individual.”

Blige admitted that Scott’s vocal prowess wasn’t the first thing to impress her.

“I didn’t meet her at first, I just saw her speak and I said, ‘Wow, who is that?’ ” Blige recalled. “She’s the essence of what every woman should be.”

Creatives unite!

– reported by Jayson Rodriguez

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