Rich Medina’s ‘Props’: THROWBACK!

Happy Friday ladies! Today we’re not only celebrating one of the few summer Fridays left here at Parlour, but we’re also respecting our homies. That’s why we nabbed Rich Medina for this week’s Throwback! A long-time fixture on the East Coast and international party scene, Medina’s been behind some of the best parties we’ve been to in the city, including my personal favorite Jump N Funk. This Saturday night, July 30, Medina’s helming the Body Rock party at Brooklyn’s SouthPaw — are you meeting us there?

Find out what makes Medina tick and listen to his “Props” mix below!

PARLOUR: Born and raised?

Rich Medina: I’m from Lakewood, New Jersey.

How did you start spinning?
I began spinning records at the age of 10. My older sister’s — she’s 18 years older than I — first husband was a local DJ and I was blessed to be a 70s kid from the East Coast, swimming in the birth of hip-hop culture. That, and the fact that I was the youngest member/ apprentice of my hometown’s local DJ heroes who taught me everything I know.

What’s your favorite song to play at the height of the party?
I don’t have one favorite thing to play at peak time, honestly. I’m lucky in that I get to play a very wide variety of musical styles and events, so that song takes on many forms for me.

What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be my grandfather until he passed away shortly after my thirteenth birthday.

Who are you DJ idols?
Larry Levan
David Mancuso
Pete “DJ” Jones
DJ Scratch
Jam Master Jay
Jazzy Jeff
Cash Money
Joe Clausell
DJ Camacho
Kid Capri
Tony Humphries
Shep Pettibone
Danny Krivit
Mr. Magic

Who is the most interesting person in the world?
Barack Obama.

What’s your favorite country to visit outside of America?

What’s your favorite saying?
If you shake it more than twice, you’re masturbating.

What piece of clothing do you wear everyday, barring undies?

What’s the last thing you bought to wear?
New glasses and a Kangol bucket hat.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
A well rolled blunt.

What’s your favorite movie?
Apocalypse Now

What are your favorite five songs at the moment?

Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia ULTRA LP
Budos Band’s “Up From The South” 7″
Ron Trent’s “Sensation” 12″
Menahan Street Band’s “Make The Road By Walking” 7″
Hackney Colliery Band’s “Africa” 7″

What’s your definition of a good day?
Breakfast, close a deal, time with my son, time with my lady, lunch, close a deal, smoke a joint, make a beat, close a deal, one hour of basketball, dinner, put my son to bed, smoke a joint, close a deal, grip up my lady …

Listen to Rich Medina’s Props mix below! Know a Parlour-worthy DJ,  email me at hillary@parlourmagazine.com!


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