Rupert’s Big Day, Japan Has Beef, Beyonce’s Designer Choices & More News

Rupert Murdoch. He’s not going….and YOU, and YOU, and YOU…you’re gonna love hiiiimmmmm!! In addition to getting “served” by a pie-wielding protestor—who subsequently got served by Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng—Murdoch testified in front of British Parliament yesterday that he had no intention of stepping down because he’s the only one who can clean up the mess made by NewsCorp hackers. [LAT]

For her new album 4, Beyonce went decidedly indie with her selection of designers. [NYT]

Got Beef? Over 1,000 cows in Japan have been fed nuclear-contaminated feed. Maybe that Kobe beef should come down in price some? [Reuters]

In southern Somalia, the UN has declared a famine after droughts have devastated the region, resulting in hunger-related deaths. [BBC]

How do you feel about conversion therapy for gays? Surprisingly, many Christians are ‘eh’ on it. [CNN]

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