Mary J. Blige’s ‘Behind The Music,’ Kindred’s ‘Love Has No Recession’ & The Strokes Represent NYC?

If you’re like me, there was just too much good television on Sunday night to catch VH1’s “Behind The Music” on Mary J. Blige. Fortunately, the @parlourmagazine roomie is a die-hard MJB fan so her BTM will be saved on his DVR for the next decade and I was lucky enough to watch it Tuesday. Can you say wonderful? I love the “Behind The Music” series because artists don’t do the docu-drama if they’re not ready to bare it all and as you know, Mary’s always ready to share her life. Someone chopped up the greatness and put it on YouTube. Quick watch it below before someone kills the links!

Also, Kindred’s back! I love their Ashford and Simpson swag, and “Stars” is the easiest breeziest summer picnic song. They’re returning with a new LP called Love Has No Recession. “I think that the word ‘recession’ is something that is pretty much on the lips of everybody, no matter what level of the playing field you’re on,” husband Fatin Dantzler told Billboard.  “We wanted to… time capsule some music for these times.”

Elsewhere, I’m falling more and more in love with The Smoking Section. This week, blogger Ryan J tackles The Strokes’ Is This It?

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