Al Pacino Talks ‘Scarface’ in 2011

The World is Yours … 

Famous last words but doomed drug dealer Tony Montana who thought keeping a tiger as a pet was a good idea but how could you not love the guy! Speaking of, guess what? The gents over at The Smoking Section say a one night screening of the influential film Scarface will be held in cities across America on August 31 to celebrate the movie’s blu-ray DVD release. Above is Pacino and Steven Bauer, who played Manny, which makes sense, but why did Ludacris perform at the DVD release party in LA? No shade, it just seems odd, right? No one could find Jeezy or the actual Brad Jordan, who rumor says is out of jail? But Luda does act and this was held in Hollywood, so I’ve answered my own question.

*grabs popcorn*

ps. Is Al wearing a head band?

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