Beyonce for Harper’s Bazaar UK: Cover Love

Ever receive a gift that you don’t like but you don’t hate, but force yourself to look up, smile and say “Wow! Thanks so much!”

I think that is what the creative director of Harper’s Bazaar UK must of done once receiving the proofs of Beyonce’s recent cover shoot for their September issue with photographer Alex Lubomirski. While the above shot is quite alluring, am I along in thinking something is just missing? Or are we conditioned to big hair and a leotard when it come to Bey? Whatever stylist Frank Benhamou’s had in mind, to include the Cruella de Vil dress, be the judge yourself while checking out scans of the full shoot after the break:

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  • Jae

    Jennifer Anniston had that same suit jacket on the cover of a mag last month, boring styling. Let’s see her hair natural for a change!

    What if instead of cover love, you guys did your own digital covers? Just a suggestion.