Is Black Dandy Style New?, Nato vs. al-Gaddafi, Interracial Dating: The Asian Discussion, The Weeknd’s ‘Thursday’ Mixtape, New NYC Hip-Hop Movie

Our boy Jon Caramanica has written a [New York Times] piece on black American hipster style and caused quite a stir with the title “Pushing The Boundaries of Black Style” as well as the content. So much so that a buddy and I had an in-depth conversation about what it means to be new or innovative in fashion and he suggested that these Street Etiquette dandies aren’t doing anything new. Looking at old pictures of my handsome grandparents in Texas circa 1950, I had to agree. They’re essentially dressing like their ancestors in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s but I do see Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi, the Street Etiquette blog owners, as subversive just in their need to be different. I can respect that. Do you agree? What do you think ladies?

NATO shot up a boat of Muammar al-Gaddafi’s soldiers in Libya. [Globe&Mail]

Interracial dating: the [Racialicious] panel focusing on Asian relationships.

Drake’s Canadian bestie The Weeknd dropped a new mixtape last night, Thursday, so did Wale but we know you don’t care like us. [UHTN]

Not a fan of the South Bronx or Brooklyn’s claim to hip-hop? It’s cool, there’s a film on the way covering New York’s Lower East Side and it’s contribution to the genre. *claps* [BoweryBoogie]

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