DJ Tara’s ‘Wander.lust’: Parlour Jams!

Mete fanm sou k’o ou!

Thanks to DJ Tara, you’ll see what that aforementioned bit of Haitian wisdom means in a few minutes. I met Ms. Tara in July while serving as Parlour‘s piña colada bartender with Shannon at the Makossa BBQ in Brooklyn and I must say she was lovely. Down to earth people are really what keep New York moving and the girl can rock on the turntables. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been spinning her Wander.lust mix all week. You can also catch her goods at Dominion in the Big Apple where she’ll be opening for Quadron on September 1. Ready?

PARLOUR: Born and raised?

DJ Tara: I’m a native New Yorker. I was born in Brooklyn, shuffled around the tri-state area and now I’m back in Brooklyn.

When and how did you start spinning?

I started DJ’ing in 2005. I’ve always admired DJs and I figured it was time to stop admiring and make a contribution so I bought a pair of Technics 1200s and a mixer from Craigslist and got to work!

Favorite song to play at the height of the party?

This varies depending on the crowd. I have a “secret weapon” song I always love to spin. It confuses the
crowd at first but they hang in and when the song reveals itself, the moment is amazing. That’s all you’re getting from me. 🙂

What did you want to be when you were little?

I never aimed for a specific occupation, I just knew I wanted to help people.

Who are you DJ idols?

Apart from the innovators like Grand Wizard Theodore and Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc, I admire DJ Center. His set always has some obscure song cover I’ve never heard. DJ Brainchild is a creative vault of music knowledge, DJ Lindsey always plays exactly what I want to hear and Cosmo Baker is truly a “DJ’s DJ” with flawless sets.

Who’s the most interesting person in the world?

This is a tough one, the world is in such flux! Right now, I’m really interested in New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. I love New York state and there are a lot of issues affecting us including the economy, unemployment and housing. I’m interested to see what he’s planned for the long term. If he could get a Same Sex Marriage bill into law, I think he can accomplish a lot!

What’s your favorite country to visit?

The UK (London), I love all the different music scenes out there. There is really a lot of great music is coming from overseas right now which is what inspired my mix, Wander.lust.

What’s your favorite saying?

A Kreyol saying: “Mete fanm sou k’o ou.” The literal translation is “put a woman on you,” but it really means to be strong — and how much stronger can you get than being a woman?

What piece of clothing do you wear everyday, barring undies?

99.9% of the time, I wear pants. I can’t help it. My parents tried to force me into skirts as a kid and it backfired.

What’s the last thing you bought to wear?

Silver sandals, which I am wearing to the ground. I have a thing for metallic colored shoes.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Belting out 80’s jams at Karaoke!

Favorite movie?

Monsoon Wedding. It’s just a beautiful film, from the characters, the images and the color!

Favorite five songs?

Little Dragon’s “Little Man”
SBTRKT featuring Sampha’s “Living Like I Do”
Action Bronson’s “Shiraz”
The Weeknd’s “Glass Table Girls”
Tune-Yards’ “Gangsta”

What’s your definition of a good day?

A day where I can spend time with all of the people that really matter in my life and have some fun!

Listen to Tara’s Wander. Lust mix below and don’t forget to catch her at Dominion with Quadron on September 1. Get your tickets here. Know a Parlour-worthy DJ,  email me at hillary@parlourmagazine.com!


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