Fancy Feast’s Dirty Marketing Tricks

Fancy Feast, you dirty bitch. How dare you create two television commercials that feature an awesomely cute-yet-highly-unrealistic engagement,  the anticipation of a wedding, combined with the cuteness of a white Persian cat and show it on a Thursday evening when you know plenty of single women like me will be home on the couch and find ourselves transfixed wanting to know “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS NEXT?” combined with “WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?”

Seriously, I love how this is an overt gesture towards the stereotypical cat owner: young, white, female, single, has a cat and loves movies like The Notebook. It’s marketing at it’s finest and from the number of views and comments on the brand’s YouTube page, it’s working. So ladies, does this make you want to go out and get some cat food?

PS. Hey fellas, just a note — I’m allergic to cats. Watch below:

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