Father of Dead Man in Birmingham Calls for Peace, ‘True Blood’ Alcide Talks ,10-year-old ‘Fashion’ Model Backlash, Smoking Kills Women Faster, Jay-Z & Kanye West vs. Gucci Mane & Waka, Price of Sex?

The London Riots, which have spread across the country have claimed another life and the father of the deceased is asking for peace:

“Haroon Jahan, 21, was one of three young Asian men killed when a car ploughed into them as they were out trying to prevent their shops and properties from being looted.
After police arrested a black man allegedly driving the car, fears of racial tensions already simmering between the two communities threatened to explode with talk of retribution and revenge attacks.
However, Tariq Jahan, 45, appealed for calm. He said: “Tensions are already high in the area. I don’t want the community to fall out. The community doesn’t need this, and my family doesn’t need this.”[Telegraph]

Yay! Alcide from “True Blood” talks about taking his shirt off? *crosses fingers* [GQ]

Have you taken time to be upset about the 10-year-old “fashion” model who’s been sexualized in a photo shoot? Don’t worry, you still have time to hate … [Fashionista]

Stop smoking, it’s going to kill you … especially if you’ve got a vagina. [BBC]

Don’t compare Gucci Mane x Waka Flocka’s Ferrari Boyz to Jay-Z x Kanye West’s Watch The Throne[MTV]

What’s the price for sex? [Jezebel] investigates.

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