Gaddafi Still Defiant, Prince Loves Kanye West, Postpartum Clinic Opens, Erykah Badu Says No Marriage, Jessica Alba Welcomes Baby, Egyptian Pres Mubarak Back to Trial

Muammar al-Gaddafi says “Beat it!” No, really. You and all of those rebels.”The veteran leader predicted a swift end for “the rats” and the “coloniser”, referring to the rebels and NATO, in an audio message on Libyan television, extracts of which were published by Libyan news agency JANA. “The end of the coloniser is close and the end of the rats is close. They (the rebels) flee from one house to another before the masses who are chasing them,” Gaddafi declared in what the television said was a live broadcast. [SMH]

Prince and Kanye West performed in Sweden this weekend. I’m sad I couldn’t see Beyonce perform in NY but this concert right here? Stoooop it. Still, I can’t show you the video because the New Power Generation killed it. #wompwomp [NahRight]

Jessica Alba gave birth to baby girl Haven Garner Warren this weekend. [E!]

A hospital opens the first postpartum depression clinic. Finally. [Jezebel]

Former Egyptian President Mubarak heads back to trial today. [xinhuanet]

And men think all a woman wants to do is get married. Not Erykah Badu … [AHH]

New dresses, at [Bergdorf’s]. Join my drooling?

10 awesome photo blogs to check out. [Racked]

Scallops? Yes, please. No lie, this is becoming my favorite summer dish. [BGSK]

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