Former Egyptian Pres. Hosni Mubarak Pleads ‘Not Guilty,’ Diary of Lil’ Kim, Australian Teen Strapped with Collar Bomb, Blackberry’s New Phones + More

Former President of Egypt Mubarak — yes the guy the country protested to overthrow — pleaded not guilty to ordering protestors killed during the upheaval. “I categorically deny all the charges,” Mubarak said at his first court appearance on Wednesday. The ousted president spoke from a hospital stretcher where he lay inside a cage for defendants in the court.

The spectacle, in a temporary court at the police academy in the capital, aired live on state television. Presiding judge Ahmed Refaat later adjourned the trial, announcing that proceedings would resume on August 15.

It was the biggest humiliation for Egypt’s former president since his ouster nearly six months ago after an 18-day uprising. But it went a long way to satisfy one of the key demands that has united protesters since February 11, the day he was toppled. [AlJazeera]

Wonder how Lil’ Kim ended up claiming she’s no. one on PayPal … after the days when she really was no. one? Like in the actual music industry? Well, here’s an interesting oral history from everyone around her. [VIBE]

BREAKING: Blackberry will introduce five new phones on Wednesday … are you excited? Apple is killing RIM, the company that produces blackberries, sales-wise so many call today’s unveiling RIM’s “last stand.” [DailyBeast]

So there’s a teenager in Australia with a collar bomb strapped around her neck? [DailyNews]

Finanacial crisis still looming in Spain and Italy, and of course Greece. [LeMonde]

TV executive Christina Norman, who was previously the head of VH1’s black programming hey-day, and most recently head of the OWN Network was fired earlier this year. Now she’s back and heading up the Aol x Huffington Post’s Global Black arm. [ShadowAndAct] 

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