Iranian Pres Ahmadinejad Talks with Russia, Phone Hacking in UK Well Known, Zimbabwe’s King-Maker Dies, Cute Gucci Coin Purse, Ecuador’s Police Deemed Corrupt

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday, Aug. 16 that his country “welcomed” the Russian proposal from a “step” to resume talks on Iran’s nuclear program, controversial. “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomed the Russian proposal and is ready to make suggestions to cooperate, “he said during a meeting with Secretary of Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, according to comments reported by the website of the Iranian president. [LeMonde]

Letters say everyone knew about the News of the World phone hacking. [Guardian]

Solomon Mujuru, who has died in a fire on his farm, was one of Zimbabwe’s most powerful, wealthiest and feared politicians. [BBC]

Adorable Moby Dick Gucci coin purse. [Fashionista]

Ecuador’s police force is so shady that everyone has to take a lie detector test to “root out corruption.” If they’re that corrupt, I’m sure they can beat a lie detector test … [BBC]

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