Jay-Z x Kanye West’s ‘Otis,’ Nas x Common’s ‘Ghetto Dreams’: Videos

Jay-Z and Kanye West released the visual for “Otis” and I have to say, the star power alone makes the first 45 seconds of this video great. But once I got to the explosions, I began to resist checking my email and making breakfast … Still, it’s cute the Jay and Kanye sincerely look like they’re having a great time coming up with new ways to stunt on us, ie. I’m so rich, I can strip down a Maybauch and trick it out like the Fast & The Furious. Word to Vin Diesel! Elsewhere, Common and Nas also released the clip for their collaboration and Common’s first single from his next album The Dreamer, The Believer, “Ghetto Dreams.” I cracked up when Common says at 1.57 “She might get to snapping if the cabinets ain’t closed.” What?!?! The daily crime committed by my boyfriend and the @parlourmagazine roomie happens outside of my apartment too!?! Vindication!

Both clips are below … which is your favorite?

ps. The butt in “Ghetto Dreams” is real, I unintentionally investigated that fact yesterday.

pps. Since everyone’s releasing collaborations, Drake and Lil Wayne have finally confirmed their forthcoming joint LP too.

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