London Riot Arrests Up to 1,700, Religion May Stop Free Birth Control, Aarakshan Film Banned in India, Chimp Maul Victim Gets New Face, Warrant Frontman Jani Lane Dies

Here’s the difference between looting in the United Kingdom and other places, cities like London have cameras. So when you’re stealing that TV,  someone will rewind that footage in the morning and come find you …

“By midday Friday arrests totaled around 1,700, but a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said “that number is changing all the time.” In London on Friday morning police arrested a man in connection with the murder of 68-year-old Richard Mannington Bowes, who was severely beaten by rioters Monday night. He died in a hospital in the early hours of Friday, bringing to five the death toll from four nights of rioting. Across northern England in Manchester, Salford and Liverpool, police have arrested over 200 so far, and in Birmingham in central England, West Midlands police say arrests total 467.” [LAT]

There’s a religious clause that might keep you from getting out of the free birth control party coming in the United States. [MotherJones]

Aarakshan (Reservation), a controversial Bollywood film which touches on the highly-sensitive subject of affirmative action for the Dalit community (the caste formerly known as “untouchables”) in the country’s education system, has been banned in three Indian states. Of now, I want to see it … [Guardian]

Charla Nash, who was mauled by a chimp and her face was removed, has had a face transplant. [MSNBC]

RIP Warrant frontman Jani Lane. “Cherry Pie” below for your delight. [EW] [YouTube]

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