London Riots: Darcus Howe’s Explanation, Amy Winehouse Covers Brasil Billboard, Rolling Stone, Financial Markets Rally, ‘Shouting In The Dark’ Bahrain Doc Banned

Darcus Howe, well-respected West Indian-born intellectual, New Statesman columnist, TV host and political activist, was interviewed on the BBC about the rioting in London and he eloquently stated what a lot of people in the UK must be thinking right about now:

“I don’t call it rioting. I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people. It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it is happening in Liverpool, it is happening in Port of Spain, Trinidad.”

Watch the full clip below. [DangerousMinds]

Amy Winehouse’s image covers both Billboard and Rolling Stone Brasil. [CoverJunkie 1] [Cover Junkie 2]

Now the market’s back up? #confused [CBS]

Shouting in the Dark, a documentary about pro-democracy protests in Bahrain may not see the light of day again. Google it? [NYT]

Just when you think life is too hard, think of the 98-year-old woman who’s just reached Judo’s highest level. Yeah, you’re life isn’t that rough. [Jezebel]

Copenhagen Fashion Week highlights! [Fashionista]

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