UK PM Cameron Returns to UK, Libyan Rebel Cabinet Dismissed, Alexander McQueen at NYC Gallery, Gender Equality Equals More Sex, New Mos Def

The UK Prime Minister, who’s been on holiday during the Tottenham riots this weekend, has finally returned. *slow claps* “U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his Italian vacation to return home for an emergency meeting today on the rioting in London, which continued for a third night as petrol bombs were thrown, vehicles and businesses set ablaze and violence spread to three other cities.

Cameron will chair the COBR emergency response committee and also meet with Home Secretary Theresa May and Metropolitan Police Service Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin, according to an e-mailed statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.”¬†[SFGate]

The Libyan rebels have dismissed their entire cabinet following the mysterious death of a leader. [WashPo]

Don’t forget to see the Alexander McQueen fashion exhibit at the NYC’s Met gallery if you’re in the Big Apple. [Fashionista]

So if we get more gener equality, we’ll want to have more sex? Am I the only one who just ends up more ready for a nap? [Jezebel]

A new Black Star album? Well, how about we settle for a new single snippet? [BET]

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