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London Riots: Miss London Reports Live

Over the last three days, London has been engulfed in flames for reasons many say are selfish. Following a peaceful protest held in Tottenham over the suspected wrongful shooting of Mark Duggan by police, looting and what some are calling rioting broke out and spread across the city. Fortunately, all of our Parlouristas are safe but one man was shot in Croydon and is the first casualty caused by this riot.

I’ll be the first to say sometimes a riot will happen  — I’m from California — but this doesn’t appear to be the right circumstances. It looks as if London youth are tearing down the city for sport or perhaps as a reaction to the questionable financial status of the world right now and police ridiculousness? Who knows but our resident British beauty Miss London has been tweeting the city’s happening as she lives quite near the looting:

– “Be mindful abt calling every disturbance in London tonight, rioting. There’s a big difference between kids playing up, and a full scale riot. At the moment, the pics I’m seeing from Brixton don’t constitute a “riot”. The “Brixton Riots” 1981 was a riot.

– Just found out a guy I know is in hospital after trying to defend his shop from looters in Streatham. This has to stop. Because a man has worked hard to build his own business from nothing, and may be doing better than you – he’s fair game? Nonsense. The guy I know is now stitched up and out of hospital. They attacked him for trying to protect his shop. Smh.

– Where’s Boris & Dave? If you’re a CEO of a company & ‘ish happens u come home, be seen and sort it. If you can’t do that, don’t take the job.

– Good read: “@MediaWeek: Sun and Daily Mail blame Twitter for fuelling London’s riots & looting, by @gordonmacmillanhttp://t.co/XIYGJjw

– Another very good read: “@InspectorWinter: My experience of the last 48hrs policing http://t.co/LHZuG02

– I’m actually finding it amusing that some people are only now realising the power of BBM…I think the delay speaks volumes.

– Aerial shots of people smashing shop windows etc. in Hackney on BBC News Channel. Note it’s a mixed group, not one particular race.

– Friend in Hackney cancelled plans for tonight, this is happening too close to her home – so she doesn’t wanna leave. It’s not a good time.

– In Lewisham. Groups of guys w/covered faces wandering round. They appear to be heading home.This is my area, but seeing them made me nervous.

– From what I can see, it’s NOT a riot in Lewi. Police have contained it.

– In Lewisham: It’s amazing to watch the number of YOUNG teens trying to aggravate police. Cos it’s ‘fun’ apparently. Left Lewi as I’m on my own, and they started throwing bricks/bottles etc Too dangerous for me to be there. May go back later.

– Watching a car alight in Lewi on BBC News channel. That car on fire is where my car was before I sped off. They are smashing up my local shops. I’m beyond emotional.

– Overheard outside my cuz’s window: “So Bexleyheath next, yeah” “Nah, it’s been hit.” “Bromley?!” “Yeah, let’s roll”. 3 cars, 2 vans.

– Also getting msgs from people regarding different shops being looted across London. “Creams” ice-cream parlour in Norbury being done now.

– Women and children having to flee burning buildings. I honestly can’t believe this is happening on our streets.

– One more thing. If people think tonight’s events are STILL about Mark Duggans shooting, you’re deluded. It’s opportunistic criminality.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be updating you with more from the ground in London.

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