‘True Blood Recap!’: Burning Down The House

Jesus showed his demon, Alcide betrayed his pack while Debbie got busy with another pack member’s … er, pack … The “Burning Down The House” episode of “True Blood” wasn’t as exciting as last week’s vampire-witch show down, but it was still good. Let’s get into it!

Kill my slaves, kill the king

Marni sends Eric and a few other vamps, including the hot black gentlemen with hazel eyes, to the “Vampires make friends with Humans” party. Eric’s on the verge of killing Bill when Sookie can’t take it anymore and whips out her light fairy powers, jolting Eric back to himself and saving Bill’s life.

As the witches retreat, Eric also remembers that he and Sookie did the nasty pretty much everywhere one can in her country home (and the snow covered forest … in the middle of summer) and demands that she remains/ becomes his later at Bill’s mansion. Sookie declines, saying she really brought out her fairy powers for Bill because she couldn’t stand losing him then Eric uncharacteristically hugs Pam, who runs to welcome him back with a brand new/ normal face. She’s disappointed when she learns taht Sookie saved them all and says so with a flat “Oh.” At least Pam’s the same!

You want me to glamour you?

Jason feels guilty after boinking Jessica outside of Bill’s mansion and asks her to glamour his memory to erase his guilt. Naturally, Jessica is pissed and leaves to go “eat something” or presumably someone. Later Hoyt stumbles over to Jason’s house and between tears for Jess, he asks to stay at Jason’s place for awhile. Jason reluctantly says yes and continues looking guilty while hoping Hoyt doesn’t notice.

Tommy, you’re loved.

Tommy, who went to Marcus Bozeman’s garage skinwalking as Sam, was beaten so badly by the Shreveport werewolf pack that he dies on a Merlotte’s pool table. Alcide, of course, carried him into the bar and laid him down gingerly, as every woman watching wished he’d do to them … somehow Alcide calls Sam during the drive and they both watch as Tommy goes on to glory. Now Sam’s pissed and he and Alcide go looking for Marcus but they can’t find him … guess why? He’s in the process of boinking Debbie back at Alcide’s house!

You always had everything!

Terry used to be a herion/ crack/ coke/ meth addict? The things you discover in a tree house in the woods. Terry takes v-head Andy to their tree house they shared as kids after finding vampire blood on Andy’s person. The cousins shoot things, fight and eventually Andy admits that he’s a junkie. *slow clap*

Marni/ Antonia is just another witch

Marni and Antonia have a heart to heart about killing all those humans at the vamp rally, but Marni is steadfast. She wants the “nightbeasts” gone and Antonia finally agrees. Meanwhile, Tara and Holly cook up a spell to free them just as Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Jesus creep up on Moon Goddess Emporium. Jesus proves himself to Marni/ Antonia by crossing her protection spell with a demon passed down by his grandfather and realizes that Marni’s not as sweet as she used to be. When Jason, Sookie and Lala eventually get transported into Moon Goddess with everyone else, they’re upset. Rightfully so, this chick is going to get everyone killed.

After Bill’s near death, the King and Nan fight. Bill blames her for not letting him kill Marni/ Antonia when he had the chance, Nan blames Bill for being weak. Eric makes snide comments in a corner. Ultimately, Bill convinces Nan that they must blow up Marni’s Moon Goddess Emporium and we viewers leave them marching up to the spiritual 2-for-1 like an outtake from “The A-Team.”


How are they all supposed to get out of Moon Goddess Emporium alive? Again I ask, all those witches and no one can think of a spell to beat Antonia?

How’s Debbie plan to sleep with Marcus Bozeman without Alcide knowing? Weres can smell everything! What is she thinking?

Your turn! Thoughts from the ladies (and gents) who love us?

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