‘True Blood’ Recap!: Let’s Get Out of Here

This week’s “True Blood” episode entitled “Let’s Get Out of Here” was a mess! From Debbie conspiring with Sookie to Marni/ Antonia locking everyone in the Moon Goddess Emporium, let’s get into it! After we pause for Alcide’s nude frame for a few moments at least … OK, carry on.

When a woman wants two men she’s totally in love with: Sookie, Bill and Eric

Sookie is becoming increasingly annoying as the seasons continue, I swear she wasn’t this bad in the Charlaine Harris books. Still, Ms. Stackhouse’s red night gown-cum-robe was hot and I can’t ever disagree with a woman who wants to have the best of all both worlds. The She’s Gotta Have It rules should apply in Bon Temps as well. All I ask is that we add Alcide in there too … Back to Sookie’s dream, induced by taking Bill’s blood along with Eric’s blood last episode, she finally admits that she’s still in love with Bill.

As she’s sleeping, she wakes up to Debbie knocking on her door and offering flowers. The two proceed to make up and plot to free Eric from Antonia’s clutches since the head witch made him her slave during the cemetery brawl last week. Debbie goes to Moon Goddess Emporium and offers the Shreveport pack’s alliance, Marcus would not agree btw, while Sookie breaks in the back and tries to grab Eric. Instead, Tara finds her and whispers to her telepathically that Antonia’s holding them all hostage and planning to make Eric kill Bill at the Vampire-human “Tolerance” lovefest later that night. Sookie runs out without Eric after Antonia realizes what’s going on. Debbie runs back to the car and is pissed when Sookie catches up to her, sign no. 1 that Deb’s still not really rocking with Sook. Debbie drops Sook off at the Vampire-human lovefest, where she’s just in time to tell scream “Bill” as all hell breaks loose. The vamps under Antonia’s control kill all of the human security and Eric’s on his way to snuff Bill.

My babee!: Lafayette and Mavis

Still possessed by Mavis, the Creole extra from The Help, Lafayette kicks Hoyt out of his house while as he’s packing up Jessica’s stuff. Toting a gun and Baby Mikey in a wrap, we find out that Hoyt’s abode is where all of the shadiness went down and Mavis’ infant is buried under the tree over “yonder.” Hoyt calls Jason, just after Arlene and Terry realize that Mikey’s gone and tells him that Lafayette’s got the babee. Though Andy, who’s hopped up on V, is hoping for a shoot-out, Arlene calls the sexy brujo Jesus and he calmly tells Mavis that she’s inhabiting his boo, Lala. Offering to help her close out her ghost business, by digging up the babee’s corpse so she can hold him one last time, Mavis leaves Lala’s body and thanks everyone for their patience. My favorite part, well parts …

Lafayette to Mavis: You got it bitch.

Terry to Mavis/Lafayette: Sometimes these things happen, we still love you Lafayette.

I just want to communicate with him: Sam, Luna, Tommy, Marcus and Alcide

After ruining Luna, Emma and Sam’s dinner party, Marcus hits Merlotte’s to arrange a meeting with Sam, except he leaves his invitation with Tommy. *throws hands up* Naturally, Tommy goes to the meet in place of Sam, skin walking as Sam, talks a lot of shit and gets beat up by the Shreveport pack. That is, until Alcide steps in and they realize that Sam is really Tommy and Al carries the kid’s bruised body out, I can only assume back to Merlotte’s. Elsewhere, Sam and Luna are getting it on in a tent as Emma, who wonders whether she’ll become a shifter or a werewolf because her lineage is a toss up, sleeps nearby.

It’s not my place: Jason, Hoyt and Jessica

While Bill’s fighting for his life and after Lala’s reincarnation, Jason drops off Jessica’s “monster box” at she and Bill’s house. He tries not to sleep with her but they end up boinking in the back of J’s pick up.


Lala is possessed by a ghost and stealing babies is just par for the course in Bon Temps? Really?

And where are Jesus and Lala in this witch-vamp fight, dude? Get into it!

I think still think Debbie’s shady, especially since she’s back on V, and I want to know her play in helping Sookie … this is different than the books, they just hated each other pretty much and it ended, er, badly. Also, as the @parlourmagazine roomie mentioned when Deb went to cop her V, so there’s a city now with graffiti? LOL.

When is Jason going to change into a werepanther or have to deal with Crystal because you know she’s coming back …

Speaking of weres, I have to clap for Alcide’s … everything. That werewolf is hot, it’s not even fair man …

Your turn! Thoughts from the ladies (and gents) who love us?

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