‘True Blood’ Recap!: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

As the full moon ended, the supernaturals all got out there crazy and prepared for another pressing challenge — Antonia. The necromancer witch from the Spanish Inquisition has returned and she’s pissed. Naturally, she and Tara are besties now. Let’s get into it!

I’m not a zombie!: The Vamps

Pam gets free of Bill and tries to kill Tara but the vampire “paparazzi” show up and try to put her on YouTube, which would spell the true death. Pam skid-addles and Tara’s life, for now, is saved so of course she makes herself unhappy by sending her cute girlfriend back to Nawlins and starts drinking again. Elsewhere, Bill orders that all vampires must leave Louisiana or bind themselves in painful silver chains so that the impending “resurrection” wielded by Antonia doesn’t kill them. It’s all very dramatic *cue the bloody tears*

Jessica tries to make Bill feel better for turning her and she admits that she can’t go back to Hoyt. She doesn’t love the poor bastard anymore. Elsewhere, Pam gets the top layer of her rotting skin pealed off by the dwarf doctor and is prescribed numerous shots per day for life. There is one bright spot, when she silvers herself, though she’s still rotting from the inside according to the dwarf-doc, it’s a fly pink casket … Sookie binds Eric in silver and stays with him down in his cubby. He says if he regains his memory and Sookie won’t stay with him because he’s so evil then he don’t wanna be right. Oh, and their lame lady-porn love scene from last week gets better and the couple boinks all over the house and leave their clothes in the woods. As for Antonia’s “resurrection” spell, she only gets baby vamp Jessica and Beulah, Mrs. Fortenberry’s neighbor, to fry … as far as I can tell.

Are we really having this conversation right now?: The Weres and shifters

Alcide and Debbie joined the local werewolf pack to Deb’s delight. Still, they go off looking for Sookie to make sure she’s OK and arrive to find her boinking Eric in the woods. Alcide looks hurt and Debbie’s so bothered by his feelings that she can’t climax the next night during their sexy session. He promises he’s not thinking about Sookie — just how hot his leather jacket must be in the summer no doubt — and we don’t believe him. Over in Sam’s world, he takes Tommy to the hospital after he finds him passed out. Hospital clears him but when he calls Luna to reconnect, he realizes — duh, late! smh — that Tommy’s a skin walker! And he had sex with Luna while he impersonating Sam. Sam kicks him out for the thousandth time. It won’t stick though. You know those Mickens …

It’s in your rage, it’s in mine too: The Witches

Antonia announces at the beginning of the “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” that she’s back. She sends her former rapist, the vampire stupid enough to actually go into her cell to “talk” to her, into Bill’s office to try to kill him. Instead, he tells Bill that the “resurrection” is coming. Meanwhile, Antonia rolls up on Tara in the woods and they bond. Tara then hits up Merlotte’s to grab more spirituals for her witchy party to defeat the vamps. Over in the kitchen/Mexico, Lafayette realizes that he’s a medium thanks to Jesus’ brujo grandaddy and ends up seeing Baby Mikey’s Creole black lady ghost. She’s singing a French song to Baby Mikey and LaLa tries to shoo her away from his pots. Back over at the Moon Goddess Emporium, Antonia is ready and gets her circle together. They chant an ancient Spanish incantation and draw out the vamps who haven’t silvered themselves, like Beulah — with the bomb pink rollers — and Jessica, who Jason couldn’t save?

A few questions: 

If Lala’s a medium, then will he invite the only other spirit who can match and defeat Marni/Antonia? Is that why Tara didn’t invite Lala and Jesus to the witchy ho down?

Who’s the creole black lady ghost already?!? She’s not Renee, so who set fire to the house? Clearly she’s protecting Baby Mikey from the madness but can we have the backstory already?

Since she didn’t kill the vamps, Bill’s offering a faceoff in a graveyard? What good can come of that?

Where do the weres fit in? And why isn’t Jason a were-panther yet? He is in the book, if only half …

Andy’s V addict storyline is annoying but I imagine it will reveal itself at a crucial time  …

Your turn! Thoughts from the ladies (and gents) who love us?

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