Girl Fight! Who’s Really Boxing Like the ‘Basketball Wives’?

There are some folks out there who won’t admit to watching shows like “Basketball Wives” and its most recent incarnation, “Basketball Wives LA” but I make no secret about it. In fact, I’ve dubbed Monday nights when the shows air #RatchetMondays on Twitter and I very much enjoy tweeting my reactions and opinions to the antics on-screen. Many articles and blog posts have been written about whether these shows are damaging to black women and I usually stay out of those discussions. No apologies here, I am entertained by the shenanigans on shows like “Basketball Wives,” “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Love and Hip-Hop,” etc., but I’m really confused by how much their cast-members revere fighting.

Grown women, I ask you – who is fist fighting out here in these streets? Who among you with jobs, education, families, and responsibilities is pulling off your earrings and kicking off your heels to fight another woman? It’s just so bizarre to me that this is an acceptable form of settling conflict for self-declared “classy” women. Not even my most hood friends from back home get into fights like that. In just three episodes of “Basketball Wives LA,” I’ve learned that not only should you fight a chick just because you don’t like her, but you’re the bad guy if you don’t get involved in a fight which is not your own. As a famous, chipped-tooth rapper once wisely inquired, “Where they do that at?”

I haven’t been in a physical altercation since high school. Even then, the fight wasn’t something I started nor was it even about me. I was standing up for a friend and the situation was unavoidable. Since then, I haven’t even come close to a fight because I don’t have enemies like that – as far as I know. I don’t go popping off at the mouth about the next chick. I don’t disrespect other people. I don’t cheat or steal. I also tend to avoid the type of people who invite trouble wherever they go.

Don’t get me wrong; I will always defend myself if it comes down to it. Unfortunately, violence isn’t always avoidable. Still, the women on these television shows look silly and childish lunging at one another because of a perceived slight, sideways glance, or a rumor gone wild. Just throw the deuces to that negativity and keep it moving is what I say. We’re not kids anymore and there are real consequences to living out your bad girl fantasies such as arrest, lawsuit, injury, or worse.

I like a little cattiness in my reality television but when Tammy of “Basketball Wives” starts attacking people because she’s “real,” I get real tired. When Gloria of “Basketball Wives LA” is sending text messages threatening to beat someone up, I’m rolling my eyes so hard I nearly pass out. Of course so long as we watch it, this behavior will continue to define “good” reality TV. I just hope we can separate entertainment from real life and keep all of the “classy” ladies from pulling out the Vaseline and Reeboks. It’s not cute, it’s not admirable, and it’s not “real.” If you’re always wound up and ready to pop off at a moment’s notice, it might be time for some deep introspection. Instead of fighting your way to queen bee status, you’ll likely end up outside of the circle. Think about it, it’s not like Tammy is getting invited to any more fundraisers this century.

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