Charlene White’s Secret ITV Weapon: Hairstylist Amanda Biddulph

Finding it difficult to find a decent hairdresser in London? Meet Amanda Biddulph. The 37-year-old of Norwood, London plays stylist to British journalist and ITV newsreader Charlene White, who in my opinion wins the “neatest hairstyle ever seen on TV” award — it’s not a myth, these awards really do exist. Parlour caught up with Amanda to discuss tips, tricks and general advice on how to care for black hair, and furthermore — just how she keep Charlene’s hair looking so neat?

What do you think are the biggest hair issues for black women in the UK and Afro-Europeans?

Product knowledge, consumers have a wide range of hair products to choose from but people still ask the same simple questions. They’re overwhelmed by the choices. Scalp problems, from dry, sore or tender, are a continuous issue for black women. However, chemical processing isn’t always the reason, it can also be down to stress and poor product choices.

What about hard and soft water?

Most of the U.K. is a hard water area and this affects the hair. Combat this by inquiring if your salon has installed a soft-water filtering system, especially if you go to a high end salon — once a customer has gone over a certain price threshold filtering should be included. Also, filters can also be installed at home.

What’s the best way to protect our hair during the winter since central heating and headwear like hats and headbands can damage hair?

Use a serum, which coats the hair, protecting it from both thermal damage as well as friction from clothing. Apply a serum whilst wrapping the hair to keep the moisture locked in and the hair protected. Keracare’s Silken Seal Serum (120ml/4oz- £12.77/$20.16) is my favourite. I would usually recommend applying serum every other day, but during wintertime use nightly when wrapping your hair. Finish and keep your wrap protected by wearing a silk scarf to bed. If you find your scarf tends to come off during the night, wrap a cotton scarf over the silk one to keep it in place.

Any recommendations for weak or damaged hair?

Affirm FiberGuard Sustenance Fortifying Treatment (1 litre/32oz- £27.29/$42.99) is great to use as either a quick hair treatment or a long, intensive one to strengthen and nourish damaged hair.

What autumn and winter hair trends are in?

Bobs are big business, especially of 1950s and 60s. Wavy and crimped hair is popular, its relaxed, feminine look as well as middle partings and fringes. The fringe cut that is very now is the length a little way above the eyebrow, which isn’t for everyone. Take inspiration from a trend but wear it your way.

Charlene White’s hair is ridiculously fab, what’s your secret?

I use a bumper and flat iron on Charlene and also wrap her  hair regularly to keep its smoothness and shape. Regular washing makes a huge difference to the condition of one’s hair so I recommend a professional salon wash every fortnight. When at the gym, wrap and cover hair with a scarf, then after gym, take the scarf off but leave the hair wrapped so the hair can breathe. When you get home, reapply serum and re-wrap before you go to bed.

Any last hair tips to keep our locks healthy?

Keep your ends trimmed.

If you have a particular haircut, keep the shape maintained so hair does not become uneven.

Always wrap your hair at night (wraps are good for bad hair days too!).

Invest in a good sheen spray and gloss.

When washing hair, give the scalp a really good rinse after the second shampoo as poor washing can result in residue on the scalp, which is commonly mistaken for a dry or dirty scalp.

For intensive scalp treatments, use oil such as Mashooq or Kemi Oyl; part hair and apply with a tint brush to saturate the scalp evenly, leave to settle for as long as you want and rinse out.

You can find Amanda at:

Amanda B Hair Salon
100 Friary Road
London SE15 1PX
Telephone: 0203 489 6751

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