Idris Elba and His ‘Private Garden’

Oh hey Idris Elba! Looking good in the new video love. I appreciate the fact that you are broadening your career with all types of new ventures/projects like djing, rapping and now singing. This morning I caught your video for the single “Private Garden” that my boy Patrick/9th Wonder produced. It’s cute, it’s 90s smooth, plus it features a brown-skinned love interest (we winning!). But really ‘Dris … if you are going to sing, I need you to invest in it with the same energy you give acting. You see with singing, you have to put in a little more work because your looks won’t carry you (unless you are Cassie). We have to listen to your voice and not just look at you. And while we do love looking at you, your singing just made me want to watch “Luther” so I can listen to you speak … and not sing. So, in short: Acting? Yes! Rapping? I’m down, just don’t do this again. Singing? Holler at my girl Jan Smith.

PS. I’ve forgiven you for Obsessed and placed all the blame on Beyoncé.

PS. I just want to listen to the real “Secret Garden” – Hills

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