Need a Manicure? Use These Nail Tips!

The secret to healthy nails isn’t just diet, an amazing manicurist and er, avoiding a sink full of dishes, but also the use of good tools as well as a few handy tips. Are you ready for fancy finger tips?

1. Always use a basecoat and topcoat. It’s amazing how many ladies skip this part. Tsk tsk! Basecoats protect the nails from staining and give a smooth painting surface, whilst a topcoat provides a glossy finish and makes your manicure last much longer. Get CND Stickey Basecoat (9.8ml/0.33oz £3.98/$6.44) and Seche Vite Topcoat (15ml/0.5oz £9.99/$16.16) into your nail kit.

2. Invest in a nail strengthener/protector if your nails aren’t in the best condition. Nailtiques is a brand that tailors their products to treating a variety of nail issues such as weakness, peeling and breaking. Nailtiques Protein Formula No.2 (15ml/0.5oz £15.00/$24.43) is great for strengthening soft, peeling nails.

3. Buy a crystal/glass nail file. These are much better for your nails and give a smoother finish. It also goes without saying that you should file nails left and right to the centre of the nail, not in a back and forth “sawing” motion. Wow Trade do a variety of crystal/glass nail files starting from £6.50/$10.59. Amazon and eBay are also great places to check out for nail files.

4. When painting nails yellow, always paint them white first. Yellow is notorious for staining, even with a basecoat.

5. Be sure to sweep or “wrap” your nails when painting. To prolong the neat appearance of the polish, don’t just paint the tip with your topcoat, sweep the brush horizontally along the tip of the nail as well.

6. Never ever, ever, ever use your nails as tools i.e. to peel or pick things. This is a surefire way to chip your polish and damage your nails. And if you think I’m not serious, I’ll call Kanye on ya’ to sing that “ever” bit … and you don’t want that.

7. Before starting your mani or pedi, sweep a cotton ball covered in nail polish remover over your nails. This will take off any excess oils and residue left on the nails, which when left on, stops the polish adhering as well to the nails and you’ve guessed it, gives a shorter lasting mani or pedi. All that hard work for nothing? I don’t think so.

Yeah, there’s never a bad time to play this song – Hills

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