Marc Anthony Says Divorce From J.Lo ‘Isn’t a Funeral’ + More

Marc Anthony says his divorce from Jennifer Lopez “isn’t a funeral” on a US interview that airs on Thursday. “This is not a funeral. This is not a burial,” the single star said. “This is just two people who came together and just realized. . . I’m saying that it wasn’t sustainable the way it was, and that’s that.” [Us]

Remember when Jamaica erupted into chaos in June 2010 because a drug dealer named Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was about to be arrested and extradited to the US for drug charges? Well, he pled guilty to racketeering. “I also ordered the purchase of firearms and the importation of those firearms into Jamaica in furtherance of this conspiracy,” Coke told US district judge Robert Patterson. Coke faces up to 23 years in prison at his sentencing on 8 December.” My favorite part was the police catching him fleeing in a car and dressed as an old lady in a wig and everything. [Guardian]

Thandie Newton poses for Louis Vuitton’s new campaign. [Grazia]

Did you know that you can make a heart-shaped boiled egg? Me either. Dope! [Jezebel]

T.I. was released from jail and into a half-way house yesterday, now he’s got a book and a VH1 show on the way for later this year. [ShadowandAct]

Lindsay Lohan tweeted Chris Brown “Wanna Meet?” Lord save us all. [Us]

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