‘True Blood’ Finale Recap!: And When I Die + Soul of Fire

I admit, I took last week off from the “True Blood” recaps, folks but I’m ready to do a two-fer with “Soul of Fire” and the finale “And When I Die.” Last night, some loose ends were tied up and others that were created — Pastor Richard Newlin is a vampire? Really? — but it was a pretty interesting finale. Some on Twitter hated it and others were thrilled, what was your reaction? Let’s get into it!

For a gash in a sundress! 

Pam is becoming increasingly annoyed with Eric’s — and Bill’s — love for Sookie and acts out by shooting Marni’s protective spellbound barrier around the Moon Goddess Emporium with a bazooka while Ms. Stackhouse is outside. Eric is furious that she’s endangers Sookie and sends her away. Elsewhere Jesus and Lafayette bring Antonia out of Marni with a brujo spell and as the barrier, made of the sun’s power harnessed, falls, Bill and Eric swoop in and kill Marni with a shoot in the head. Marni’s none to pleased with moving on to the next phase of death so she inhabits Lafayette, since he’s a helpless medium without the ability to tell ghosts to leave him alone if he so chooses.

I’ll see you no longer Debbie Pelt

Damn, Deb … Alcide helps Sam find the wolves that killed his brother Tommy and it turns out Marcus, the ringleader, is in Al’s house … macking on Debbie. Alcide isn’t amused and after Sam beats Marcus down, Alcide snaps his neck when the werewolf with the receding hairline tries to shoot Sam in the back. During the fight, Debbie tries to help Marcus, lookin wild guilty in lingerie. Wrong. So when it’s all over, Alcide breaks up with her in werewolf terms, and declares that he won’t change with her during the full moon, etc. She’s crushed.

She jumped out of a ball of light

Terry and Andy have a heart to heart in the woods about Andy’s V addiction and the Bon Temps sherriff finally admits that he’s an addict. As he’s walking back to the house, a fairy appears from a ball of light and boinks Andy right there in the forest.

You can’t trade magic like Pokemon cards!

Jesus and LaLa are having breakfast when La/Marni stabs Jesus with a fork, ties him up and kills him for his brujo magic. What a mess. LaLa/Marni also kidnaps Bill and Eric and ties them to what looks like a witch stake and begins to burn them just as Sookie, Holly and Tara arrive to save the day. Sookie fairy-light-hands Marni and knocks her down while the threesome join hands and call up the dead to reason with their also dead homie, Marni. Turns out Antonia and Sookie’s Gran are the ones doing the reasoning and Marni finally agrees to be dead and leaves with Antonia and Gran.

Elsewhere, Jason tells Hoyt that he’s boinking Jessica and Hoyt punches him in the face. Then Jason just sexes Jessica again later … He’s still sad about his friendship with Hoyt though, right? But he doesn’t have much time to contemplate that since that crazy anti-vampire pastor Richard Newlin is now a … vampire? Back at Merlotte’s, Arlene gets a visit from Renee, her dead serial killer ex-boo and Baby Mikey’s dad, and he warns her that Terry’s old ghosts “won’t stay dead for long cher” and she better run. Eek!

Alcide drops by Merlotte’s to offer Sookie his love, to which the @parlourmagazine roomie said “She doesn’t see it for him, she keeps wanting to fuck these dead guys … all that man sitting in front of her, humph.” Sookie says she’ll think about it and ends up breaking up with both Bill and Eric after saving them with Tara and Holly as well as her blood. Of course, she bursts into tears after making the big break up announcement but her Gran is right, “Being alone ain’t nothing to be afraid of.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to Sam, who’s left fighting off what appears to be the whole Shreveport wolf pack who are avenging Marcus Bozeman’s death, minus Debbie Pelt of course. No, Deb’s at Sookie’s house trying to kill her with a shotgun but murders Tara instead.

Sookie can’t take it anymore and bests Debbie, shooting her in the face. And things get weirder back at Bill’s where Bill and Eric kill Nann Flanagan, the American Vampire League representative who’s quit/ been fired from her job, and Alcide rushes off to find what looks like leftover chains for Russell Edgington in a parking lot.

The End.

A few questions and comments

FINALLY, Sookie kills Debbie Pelt! Though I have to admit, I felt kind of bad for her when she dies because the actress who portrays her gave Deb a well meaning but always doomed personality, where in the Sookie books, Debbie was just a bitch.

Do we think Tara will come back as a vampire? What will LaLa do without her and Jesus?

Andy’s fairy princess sex scene? Does that mean during the fight later, he’ll have to side with the evil fairies? What happened to the big werewolf, witch and vampire battle that was supposed to end this season? #womp We’re so far away from the books right now …

Why can’t LaLa tell these ghosts to go away if he doesn’t want to be inhabited? Who’s going to inhabit him next, Renee in an attempt to save Arlene from Terry’s old ghosts? And who are the old ghosts? Is that a metaphor for Terry’s old war buddy that showed up at Merlotte’s?

Your turn! Thoughts from the ladies (and gents) who love us?

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