Europe’s Financial Troubles, Explained + More

Europe’s crumbling financially and here’s why: “A strike in Rome on Tuesday showed the strength of feeling that richer Italians had escaped tax rises and spending cuts. Analysts believe Italy could be the next Greece. Economist David Mackie at JP Morgan said: ‘Once you say to Italy, we will not allow you to fail, they then have the upper hand. There has been a moral hazard issue with Greece for some time. Now we have one in Italy, too.'” Everyone needs to watch Too Big To Fail … [Guardian]

On September 12, Amy Winehouse’s family will talk about their loss with Anderson Cooper. [Perez]

Eddie Murphy is going to host the Oscar’s in 2012. *prays that he’s funny* [D-Listed]

Is your birth control boring? Get on in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head! [Jezebel]

Santigold has a new song … with Spank Rock. Thoughts? [Elbo]

Ever wondered how much the music industry is worth? Well, here’s a graph. [DMN]

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