‘Basketball Wives’ Ratchetness Has Nothing on Virginia Conservatives

It kinda looks like a reality house doesn’t it?

A few weeks ago, our girl Nakia pondered our collective love for reality ratchetness, but who knew that all the drama was happening in Virginia?

Down in the state of Virginia, they obviously like their conservatives with a splash of escándalo. First with Linda Wall, an independent candidate for the House of Delegates, admits that she had a lesbian affair with a minor while she was a junior high gym teacher in the seventies. Whereas being a lesbian is kinda a yawn to us, her explanation is nothing short of bullshit amazing:

“Forty years ago I was a different person. I was a heavy pot smoker with … impaired judgment and made some bad choices.”

She goes on to state that she later turned to Christianity and is now known as an “ex-gay.” Yeah. OK. And you also didn’t let this come out until you were under deposition. Girl if charges aren’t brought against you, get turned out, go on an Olivia cruise, move to the Florida Keys and just chill. Meanwhile, another Republican candidate, Mat Fariss, has been convicted of drunk driving, concealing a weapon and earning a restraining order against him in 2002. And now he wants to represent you Virginia.

Read more of just how Virginia is for lovers and overall ratchetness over at HuffPo.

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