Beyoncé, P!nk and Willow Sage, Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz

It was mother and daughter day in New York this week as Pink toted her adorable daughter Willow Sage around the film set for Thanks for Sharing. Elsewhere, and I’m guessing downtown, Lisa Bonet trotted around with her eldest child Zoë Kravitz while Beyoncé and her baby bump looked fantastic near Tribeca? Who cares, can I look this great when/ if I have children? Probably not. It’s really just too much cuteness for this gloomy L.A. morning so I’ll take it. As for what P!nk — one of my favorite pop girls, some have Christina, some have Britney, I like “Just Like A Pill” — doing in a film, NY Mag has the scoop:

The Mark Ruffalo–Gwyneth Paltrow sex addiction dramedy Thanks for Sharing just got a little extra pop: Singer Pink has joined the cast, playing a free spirit who bonds with a sex addict played by Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad. Still, she would prefer that you not call her by her stage name, as the press release that announces her casting never says the word “Pink” (instead referring to her by actual name “Alecia Moore”)

ps. Zoë’s dating Dan — er, Penn Badgley — from “Gossip Girl”?!? The teen inside this 30-year-old just squealed.

props: People, Us Weekly

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