Brooklyn Police Hold Woman Captive for 5 Days?

Imagine this — You’ve just finished a whine-marathon on the dance floor with your gay boyfriend who successfully managed meet someone and not ditch you (is that impressive to just me?) and as he’s dropping you off home, you get shot in thigh. What’s worse? When you are at the hospital the police come to take your statement, run a check on you and then arrest you for some previous stuff. You are taken … Read the rest. away to a precinct, where you sit on a bench and then a holding cell for five days (without seeing a judge) until you give a false confession!

It happened to Takesha Griffin of Brooklyn, N.Y. and whatever the outcome is, she deserves to look brown-girl-eye-pop-what-in-the-hell pissed in the photo above. Shame on you NYPD. [NYDN]

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