Diggy Simmons Grows Up and Gets His First Fan Attack

We saw him grow up on “Run’s House” and now it’s hard to believe that Diggy Simmons is such a mature and handsome young man. Between headlining the Scream tour dates with boy band Mindless Behavior and the OMG Girlz, which includes the daughters of T.I. and Lil Wayne, 16-year-old Diggy talked to Parlour about earning respect without his famous family’s assistance and of course … girls. He may be a teen but this new heartthrob — He’s a mainstay at birthday parties. Need to impress your children or godchildren? Hire Diggy. — doesn’t play childish games with his career.

PARLOUR: How did it feel to be nominated at the BET Awards for the Young Star and the BET Hip-Hop Awards for Rookie of the Year?

Diggy: That was an incredible feeling, both were huge honors. It was mind-blowing to be nominated because I didn’t have a single yet, just mixtapes and freestyles.

Your father, Run DMC’s Rev. Run, and Uncle, Russell Simmons, made it clear on MTV’s “Run’s House” that you and your siblings had to work on your own to become successful. What your biggest challenge?

There are doubters who may be skeptical about what I do or assume that I can’t rap or I’m not a real artist but those are challenges you must get past. When you do, that shows improvement because you’ve gotten that skeptic to pay attention to your music.

You recently performed at LL Cool J’s daughter’s birthday, do you pick where you perform?

I’m hands on with every performance, I wouldn’t do anything where I’m not comfortable.

You’re headlining the Scream Tour, got any crazy stories?

I’ve been on the Scream tour and on the second date, as soon as I run out on stage, a girl jumps up and grabs me up. It was crazy, it just happened. I wasn’t freaking out but somebody had to take her off me because she had me in a tight lock. I just laughed and kept going after that.

What advice has your father given you about girls?

My dad lets me make my decisions and trusts that I’m going to do the right thing.

Does the right thing mean you have a girlfriend?

Nope, I’m single.

Your father’s also a large part of hip-hop history, how are your distinguishing yourself as an artist and not just Reverend Run’s son who raps?

The biggest thing is not trying to distinguish yourself and that’s really what I’ve done. I don’t focus on trying to fill my dad’s shoes.  I have my own things that I want to accomplish. I want to focus on Diggy, not my last name.

Diggy’s new single “Do It Like You” featuring Jeremih hit the Internet recently, listen below:

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