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Iranian Actress Marzieh Vafamehr Sentenced To 90 Lashes For Film

”I believe that when you do anything independent in Iran, … writing or making films, there is always the issue of getting criticised or negatively thought of,”

Marzieh Vafamehr’s awesome portrayal as an oppressed Iranian actress in Tehran who is forced to go underground to continue her work in the 2009 Australian movie by Iranian poet Granaz Mousavi “My Tehran For Sale” has been met with praise from critics worldwide, however high courts in her home country of Iran are seeing differently as they have sentenced her to a one-year jail term and 90 lashes for work in the film. Says the Sydney Morning Herald:

“The exact nature of the crime she was charged with is unclear and the Iranian embassy in Canberra did not respond to The Age‘s request for comment. Vafamehr often appears with a shaved head and no headscarf in the film, which also explores cultural oppression in Iran and taboos such as drug use.

The film focuses on ”Marzieh” (played by Moussavi’s childhood friend Marzieh Vafamehr), an actress struggling under her country’s controls over artistic expression. The government has banned Marzieh’s work, and her romance with an Iranian-Australian expat (Amir Chegini) leads her to consider life outside Iran.

The film also deals with the secret lives of Iran’s youth and, in one poignant scene, young people arrested at an underground dance party await their punishment as the sound of a cracking whip is heard in the background.”

Thoughts ladies? Read more on the SMH site here and watch the trailer for “My Tehran For Sale” below:

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