Red Lips For Brown Girls, Thanks Kate Moss!

Supermodel Kate Moss, face of London-based makeup brand Rimmel for the past decade, has launched a lipstick range, simply entitled The Kate Collection.

The project consists of seven lipstick shades, at £3.99/$6.36 each, in a creamy-matte texture and moisturising formula, that is long-lasting, makes lips pop and definitely glams up any look.

Kate wears Shade 01 in the Rimmel ads, (see below) a classic pillar-box red, and works it with a matching red dress and nails. She looks absolutely stunning and reminds me that red lipstick is a strong, yet sexy, yet timeless colour that can actually be worn by more people than I first thought.

I suppose I’ve always had this preconception, or even ignorance, that red lipstick only really works on Caucasian skin. Over the years, I realised I was wrong after seeing celebrities of diverse ethnic backgrounds wearing the shade as well as girls out and about on the streets in London. It’s really about finding the right red for your skin and looking out for the undertones when purchasing; whether it be orange tones (warm), blue tones (cool) and so forth.

I wore Shade 01 the other day and was pleasantly surprised. Yeah sure, the colour took me aback at first as I’m generally a lipgloss wearer, sticking to pinky and nude sheer lip colours. I half-expected a garish result but my foray into red lips turned out to be, well, really nice. The bright colour complimented my skin and gave my makeup a polished look. And to avoid looking like a clown or a er, “lady of the night” I toned down the rest of my makeup, sticking to pressed powder for a smooth, even complexion and a generous amount of black mascara.

For lipstick rookies like myself, especially when rocking a strong colour, apply it with your fingers or a lip brush instead to build up a soft, stain colour rather than applying via the stick which creates a more solid, sharp colour that may appear harsh to your eye. Line your lips with a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick to enhance shape definition and prevent the lipstick from bleeding. If my lipstick is going to look a mess or like it’s been kissed off … well I’d actually like that … but not because I was too rubbish to apply it correctly.

More Rimmel products I recommend:

Kate Moss Collection Shade 02 lipstick, a really warm and wearable pink.

Lycra Pro Colour Memory Nail Polish in Hot Gossip £4.59/7.31, a classic red matching the Shade 01 lipstick.

Extra Wow Lash Mascara £5.49/$8.75 to create soft, long, fluttery lashes.

So go on, get the London look, ladies.


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