‘Love & Hip Hop’ Brawls: New Cast Mate Yandy Smith Talks Chrissy Fight

Chrissy Lampkin of “Love & Hip-Hop” isn’t just tussling with newcomer Kimbella, she’s also beefing with another cast mate, Yandy Smith. Yandy, Jim Jones’s manager who I met years ago in New York, has always been a sweetheart and a professional. However, like Shaunie O’Neal, reality television can make anyone look crazy and it’s Yandy’s turn in the firey, possibly tacky pit. While she didn’t disclose anything herself due to contractual obligations with VH1, I heard from a reliable source — at 5 A.M. PST, smh —  that Yandy and Chrissy came to blows at a club while taping in Miami and there were goons waiting for Yandy back at the hotel, thanks to Chrissy. Really, ladies? Is this what “Basketball Wives” hath wrought? Of course, we’ll reach out to Chrissy’s camp as well for her side since we’re all journalistic here at Parlour.

But first, we chatted with Yandy first about “Love & Hip-Hop” season two, managing Jim’s career and Chrissy’s emotions and what really happened in Miami.

Parlour: In the “Love & Hip-Hop” super-trailer, it looks like Chrissy convinces Jim to fire you?

Yandy Smith: Oh gosh, the editing makes it look like Chrissy is shutting it down and next clip I look like I’m begging Jimmy to listen to me.

We heard you and Chrissy came to blows during a taping, what can you tell us?

Whenever you’re a woman in the entertainment industry, you’ve got to deal with the wives and girlfriends of your artists. I’m cool with all of my other clients and their ladies but when women have insecurities or feel threatened by your career, they act bad and if they’re a hood chick, they’ll act hood.

On the trailer, you and Chrissy are arguing outside a club, was that the night of your fight?

You see me asking her ‘What’s wrong?’ repeatedly, but I can’t say anything more.

What was your history with Chrissy before joining “Love & Hip-Hop” because you’ve managed Jim Jones for almost eight years?

There’s been no history. I don’t go to their house for Sunday dinner and I don’t party with Jim. I walk a very straight line with Jim and always have because I know her insecurity. I won’t disclose Jim’s personal business but it’s always a bunch of nonsense. Jim loves that girl like crazy so she shouldn’t act as crazy as she does. Just hold down home and your man should be right.

We love Jim here on Parlour, but sometimes women can be driven to crazy town. Have you ever seen a reason for Chrissy to be insecure, like infidelity?

Now you know I can’t answer that question, as much as I would love to, I can’t. [laughs]

Seeing that reality shows are a — guilty pleasure and — sometimes violent mess and “Love & Hip-Hop” is a reality show, why join the cast?

“Basketball Wives” and “Love & Hip-Hop” show women living glamorous lifestyles they didn’t work to get it, they inherited it. When I joined I was very specific that there would be no shots of my boyfriend, just me as a professional. I wanted to show you don’t have to wait for some athlete or rapper to take you home and that’s how you get it. Unfortunately there was so much drama …

Has the violence and high-ratings of “Basketball Wives” made cast members like Chrissy eager to fight this season?

Yes, I still don’t know why the fight between Chrissy and Kim happened. It was crazy, like ‘Are you looking for an Evelyn moment right now? Stop.’

You’ve stopped managing Jim because of Chrissy, what made you leave?

I care about Jim’s happiness. His mother can make her own decisions with Chrissy because that’s his mom, but he and I choose to work together, we don’t have to. It got to a point where he wouldn’t answer my phonecalls if she was in the house and we had business to do. He’s doing himself a disservice. I’m not trying to stop your money because the bitch doesn’t like me.

Will you and Jim ever work together again?

Jim is about money so I’m still booking shows and deals. Unless you kill me, I’m still getting money with you.

Yandy has also begun an accessories line called Everything Girls Love. “Love & Hip-Hop” season two premieres on Nov. 14.

image: VIBE Vixen

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