‘Milk + Honey’ Tell Our Stories in Their Debut Episode: Watch It!

We have a special treat for you ladies and it’s been a long time coming. At the top of 2011, our girls Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May and Jeanette McDuffie of Brown Paper Dolls Productions debuted a trailer for their Milk + Honey web series and now they’ve finished their first webisode! Are you ready because we are and we’re excited! Executive produced by Idris Elba, the series also features appearances by Lance Gross, Debbie Allen, Faun Chambers and Bryce Wilson. The Brown Paper Dolls introduce their work best:

“In addition to Gross, Chambers, Wilson and Mrs. Allen, the film also features up and coming actors Rob Smith, Yaani King, Shauntay Hinton (Miss USA 2002) and Charles Divins. It’s HBCU talent at it’s finest since Howard, FAMU and Spelman are represented both behind and in front of the camera.”

Our girls. Our dreams. Our reality. Love it! Check out the first Milk + Honey episode below and see why we’re supporters. And it’s not just because of the Parlour shout out … although that is nice. Can you find it?

ps. HU!!! YOU KNOW!!!! – SW

pps. They were the lovely camera girls behind our KING interview too, another reason we love them. – Hills

milk + honey: episode 1 from brown paper dolls on Vimeo.

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