US Pres. Hopeful Mitt Romney Sons Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Republican Presidential Debate 2011

Last night, the @parlourmagazine Grandaddy and I posted up to watch the Republican Presidential Debate on CNN and could not stop laughing. You have to admit, those people are crazy and light-weight hilarious. From Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann‘s sailor suit to business man Herman Cain‘s sole existence and that guy on the left (read: former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum) … at all. The highlight though? When Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to check former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney about, well, a multitude of things but specifically illegal immigration and flip-flopping, and Romney bossed up on him like “Let me tell you how a debate works … ” we died. It was almost as funny as Al Sharpton hollering at the Jobs March held in Washington D.C. earlier this month that “It’s not about Obama, it’s about our mamas!” Politics = iDie.

Read more about it at Slate and watch the CNN clip for the Republican remix of Nicki Minaj‘s “Bossing Up” below:

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