Nas’s ‘Tower Heist’ x Rick Ross, Lykke Li’s ‘Unchained Melody,’ Thom Yorke DJ’s?

Here’s Nas‘s “It’s a Tower Heist” featuring Rick Ross and a thick bassline. Shout to the tuba players. This track reminds me of a song that Ludacris would’ve rocked in like 2003 before he became so serious. Also here’s Lykke Li‘s take on the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” and a link to Thom Yorke’s (of Radiohead) DJ set at London’s Boiler Room.

Nas x Rick Ross’ “It’s A Tower Heist”: [podcast][/podcast]

Lykke Li’s “Unchained Melody”: [podcast][/podcast]

ps. Please make this Guns-N-Roses comeback stop. Thanks, management.

props: Stereogum, Nile Ivey

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